Param Anandam has launched a huge campaign against education because the poor children are uneducated due to education, they are still uneducated. Education has been focusing on the classic themes, which is only partly the fast changing world of young people. Prepares for. Often, they do not get the opportunity to develop necessary transferable life skills in life to get freedom, a permanent future and secure employment.

It is important that the education system protects the testing net, breaks the traditional pattern and focuses on ‘quality with relevance’. This content implements the relevance, such as developing national curriculum to focus on the topics of local conditions, but also the life skills that allow children to develop orientation such as self-awareness, efficacy, freedom and entrepreneurship.

We believe that the quality of the results is based on quality of education. Therefore, to facilitate student learning using constructive, child-centered methods, teachers need to be trained at the desired level. At the end, we provide intensive training of teachers and train trainers and master-trainers models, which allows our partners to implement quality training workshops for the necessary teachers.