Gau Seva

Param Anandam has given Gau Seva, cow is our mother that the campaign is running very fast; Gao Mata is worshiped in all respects and its glory is very different. Protecting cow mother is the utmost duty of every human being. There is no second great virtue greater than the service of Gautama. It has been said in the Puranas that the person who dug the dust of the mother’s mother on the head, she takes bath in the water of the pilgrimage and gets rid of all the sins.

But in today’s time, many people are not aware of the service of the Gou but Param Anandam has been trying to make all those people aware about the service of the Gauva Seva.

  1. By worshiping cow mother (cow), the defects of horoscope will end.
  2. Look at the eyes of the cow mother everyday, the benefits will be the benefit in life.
  3. If the cow’s mother is coming while on the way, let her go from her right, then surely your journey will be successful.
  4. If you also always see bad dreams, take the name of Gao Mata, in a few days, bad dreams will stop showing.
  5. Another name of ghee made of cow milk is also ‘age’, which is why it is called ‘yuvaarai ghatam’. Therefore, the use of milk and ghee of cow mother is longevity.
  6. The house where the cow is adorned, the architecture of it automatically ends.